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Intact, the makers of ReAccess and PowerLine Cloud Services

Intact Partners, Inc. are the makers of ReAccess and our mission is to empower their clients through Microsoft cloud services. Every solution is built with the highest levels of Government compliance in mind, helping to ensure customers benefit from the efficiency, compliance, and security they all deserve. PowerLine cloud services underpins ReAccess, automating cloud service usage for IT teams and providing a compliance layer for Information teams, previously unattainable.

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Enterprise Data Control and Compliance

Data contained within a Microsoft Access database today is largely inaccessible for compliance and information teams, creating a significant data liability. ReAccess with PowerLine cloud services brings the Access database into your Microsoft Azure cloud, meaning the data is accessible to those with sufficient data-access policies (i.e. data compliance and information teams)

ReAccess for Compliance
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Unify applications, cut IT costs

Until now, IT teams have had to carry the cost and systems burden of shadow applications, such as Microsoft Access applications which exist on an employee’s machine. Each ReAccess application is subject to its own ‘manifest’, which details how the application works.

PowerLine cloud services brings every Access database into your Azure cloud, making the manifests collectively available for analysis and subsequent consolidation when duplication occurs.

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