Migrate Microsoft Access to the Cloud

Global scale and high availability

When you create an app with ReAccess, it is immediately available to you globally via the Microsoft Azure global data centers and protected by the Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This makes it easy for you to login, engage, and extract the information you need to perform the task at hand. You and your app are no longer limited to a single machine. ReAccess is highly available and can scale infinitely.

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Add colleagues, add clout

Add clout to your application by adding members of your team and allowing everyone to benefit. By adding additional users, you’re able to collaborate in real-time, analyze data, and benefit from in-app features which customize the application to each user’s needs.

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Understand and visualize your data with Power BI

Your ReAccess application enables you to input data, organize data, and find data in a way that is meaningful to your objectives. Our out-of-the-box integration with Power BI provides you with the tools to build reports and visualizations of your application that help you understand performance and how to improve.

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