End-to-end Microsoft solution

More Microsoft, than Microsoft

In order to provide you with the most stable, secure, and trustworthy no-code app development platform on the market, we made the active decision to only use Microsoft delivered DLLs and infrastructure to create ReAccess. A solution you and your business can trust!

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A Microsoft Azure Cloud Application

You’ll find your ReAccess app right where you need it, on your computer; however, should anything happen to your computer, you have full peace-of-mind that your app is fully backed-up in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This guarantees ultimate performance of your application, reliable back-ups and the benefit of all Microsoft security updates.

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Built on Microsoft Cosmos DB

Whatever your application, we don’t believe in limits. That is why ReAccess is based on Microsoft’s planet sized multi-model database, Cosmos DB. Bring any data you have from anywhere and put it to use in ReAccess.

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