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Microsoft Access related tickets filling up your Helpdesk?

There are approximately 700 million active Microsoft Access databases currently running on Windows 7. When a business migrates to Windows 10, these MS Access databases will no longer function properly. ReAccess is the solution to evade this problem.

We can supply you with the tools to identify how many potential problem files and apps currently exist on your network. Reach out to gain access to these.

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ReAccess pays for itself

You read that right; it really does pay for itself. ReAccess is underpinned by PowerLine, which will work for you to manage processing services, identify where data is duplicated. Applications can be consolidated and ultimately move storage to the cloud, rather than consuming your expensive network space.

On average, a corporate customer will see a full return on their investment within the 1st year of ReAccess ownership. If you factor in app dev costs, the ROI is even faster.

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