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Innovation is everyone’s dream.  Reality, every user in your business needs your attention as the IT pro.  Sadly their is never enough IT to go around. ReAccess will empower your enterprise to build all those apps your users need but you could never effectively do.  With ReAccess our customers get coaching from IT, or they develop the FULL requirements in a working app.  This magnifies IT effectiveness.  This leaves IT bandwidth for important mission apps.

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If your business has already approved Microsoft products, ReAccess is already approved too

ReAccess is built entirely from Microsoft delivered DLLs and is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Active directory, as a result the platform and any applications built using our platform are compliant and ready to be used today. Get started now.

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Available from the Microsoft Store

ReAccess has passed the rigorous approval process for the Microsoft Store making it a Windows 10 UWP application. Download it from there today.  For enterprise customers we also have full instanced base solutions where you manage everything including web browser app for mobile and device implementations.

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