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Gartner states “low-code application platforms will be responsible for more than 65 percent of all app dev activity by 2024”. Now is the time for your consultancy to get ahead and partner with a solution provider that delivers on functionality, support, security and compliance. ReAccess is purposely-built for government departments and heavily regulated industries. Our partners have the confidence that our solutions will meet all client procurement needs.

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MS Access Problem

ReAccess is the solution to your clients Microsoft Access problem

Applications built with Microsoft Access version 2013 or earlier will have their support ended January 14th 2020. This means there will no longer be security updates or app updates, and databases will become non-compliant. As users attempt to migrate their application to a modern operating system, it will load as a virus or with errors. ReAccess is the solution to this impending problem, seamlessly migrating their application to the cloud, maintaining all functionality and providing several upsell opportunities for your business.

MS Access Problem