ReAccess No-Code app builder free for 30 days!

Congratulations, you made it! We are excited for you to join us and we can't wait for you to get started. While you are waiting for the site constructor to get your ReAccess App ready - estimated wait time is about 5 minutes - take a look at the get stated steps below. When your ReAccess No-Code app environment is ready for configuration you will receive an email from us. This is so exciting!

Let’s get started!

What you need –

  1. The ReAccess app for Windows 10. You may have already downloaded the app, if not go to the Microsoft Store and download the ReAccess app. If the link does not work on your computer, open the Microsoft Store app in Windows 10 and type “ReAccess” in the search textbox. Download, install, and launch the app. The install will create a new ReAccess app link in your Windows 10 start menu. Now would be a good time to pin ReAccess to your desktop.
  2. ReAccess requires a Microsoft registered email address; this should be the same email address you provided during registration.
  3. ReAccess requires a computer with Windows 10 OS version 17763.0 or higher and a x64 processor.

Launching the ReAccess App –

  1. Click on ReAccess from your Windows 10 computer to launch the app.
  2. Use the email account you used to register the app online to login to your ReAccess App, it’s the email address the ReAccess confirmation was sent to (which may not be the same account you used for the Windows store). ReAccess accepts both Microsoft Account (personal) and Microsoft Work or School Account (office/business).

Getting Started with your new ReAccess app –

  1. The welcome screen is just a placeholder, you will modify it with your own welcome text for your users. You will also create your app to do what you want it to do. We suggest you read the information online, watch the videos, and download some of the pre-fab manifest templates.  This will speed up your app configuration and make your experience better.
  2. Now, with ReAccess open to the welcome (Home) screen you can see a short menu on the left side with a sample form (Sample Contact Form). You can use the AppBuilder to modify the Application, forms and much more.

Open AppBuilder –

  1. Click on the AppBuilder in the main menu (you are the owner account). It will automatically open a new browser window (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  2. Up in the top right corner is the “Sign-in” option, security is a big part of ReAccess so please sign in with the same account you used to sign into ReAccess.
  3. Next you need to “Load Application” (ReAccess lets you have many apps) but for now you only have one, you still have to load it.
  4. The menu shows you all the parts of your application you can work on in the AppBuilder, forms, fields, and more.
  5. ReAccess manages all the security and data, so you don’t have to worry about the database or keeping your data secure.
  6. From here you just need to experiment with ReAccess.
  7. Please read the documentation, view the videos, and send us your questions – we are here to ensure your success.

Support –

  1. Visit our Intact Partners YouTube channel videos for support on how build your ReAccess no-code app.
  2. Download the ReAccess User Guide.
  3. Grab a ReAccess Template to quickly create a prefab app.
  4. Browse this site for helpful information about ReAccess.
  5. Contact us at if you have additional questions.


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