Frequently asked questions

ReAccess provides a NoCode Microsoft solution to move your Access applications to the Azure cloud and enables you to build infinitely scalable business database applications without ever needing to write a single line of code.

Yes. ReAccess is an Azure cloud application meaning you’re able to add users to your application freely.

Yes, with ReAccess you can create almost any type of application you want, including a CRM.

Yes, ReAccess can store standard image types with few limitations.

Yes, ReAccess is an Azure cloud-based application you get from the Microsoft store.

ReAccess is perfect for the business user to create business applications which are high priority and the IT department dose not have the resources or may not have a budget to develop.

Yes, ReAccess is built with 100% Microsoft Azure Cloud Services so you can be confident the application will be efficient, available, and secure.

For multi-app accounts: $35/month PowerUser, $100/month Small Business, $200/month Small Business+

For single apps: $35/month for 5 users.

Enterprise pricing is also available through GSA and NASPO.

See the Pricing Page for more information.

Yes, you can easily move your Excel spreadsheets to ReAccess.

Yes, ReAccess has a direct API for Power BI and is our preferred reporting solution.

Yes, graphs as well as dashboards can easily be created using our Power BI interface.

ReAccess itself does not perform calculations; we use Power BI to support this.

Yes, ReAccess has a direct API for Power BI to develop dashboards and data analytics.

Yes, ReAccess is compliant with most government regulations.

Yes, ReAccess has Azure-Active Directory security built into it.

Yes, ReAccess is compliant with most government regulations.

No, ReAccess app and the data is backed up automatically. However, if you delete the data in the base application, you cannot recover the data. There are manual processes for backing up base app data.